36 - Embroidery

This morning I was in Klagenfurt at the Renault service point for a regular inspection of our car. For the time I took a car and drove to “Europa Park” at the western end of Klagenfurt, on the shore of Wörther See, the most beautiful lake in Carinthia. I was quite sure that the park would give me plenty of opportunity to exercise the new Lensbaby as well as the ultra-wide.

I was right. Having looked at them the past few hours, having gently treated them in Photoshop, I must say there were quite a few contenders, but by the rules of this blog there can always be only one, thus I had to choose.

This is not the compositionally most daring image and in that respect I had better ones today, but it has a certain magic quality. Of all the leaves of all the trees in the world, the maple’s are probably the most beautiful, and a wide lawn strewn plentifully with those most delicate leaves makes me think of Tolkien’s Lothlorien.