57 - Icy Touch

This image was taken yesterday (I am a day late again, yes, I know) on B111 between Nötsch and the Highway A2, facing Dobratsch, the mountain where I at other times hunt sunrises.

It was a cold, rainy day and we visited a relative in Hermagor, quite a bit west of where I took the image. In the evening we had an invitation, thus I had almost no time for photographing. Not the best of images, but the best I could get.

On a side note, I returned from the invitation with a Sigma 170-500 that our friend Wolfgang gave me for a week. He has a considerable analog Nikon equipment, but since more than a year almost exclusively shoots digital, at the moment with a bridge cam.

Weather today is quite as gruesome as it was yesterday, but maybe I can take the 170-500 to use anyway. We’ll see in the evening.