59 - Not Everything is Frozen

This day began with fog, low a well as high, but when I reached Villach, where I had business in the morning, I saw snowy mountains far to the north, bathed in golden light. The weather report stated, that the fog would clear up in all of Carinthia by early afternoon, and so it was. All could have been so well.

When I came back home at noon, I wanted to stow everything away, and as I went into the cellar to put a frozen cake into the freezer, I had the certain feeling that something was wrong. Things inside the freezer should have been frozen, but they were not. The chicken were soft as - chicken. The freezer was disconnected from the mains!

Thinking about when this could have happened, I suddenly remembered when last week I had a problem activating the dryer. No wonder, because it was not connected. Therefore I disconnected the old freezer that was switched off anyway … or so I thought. In reality I had instead disconnected the new freezer.

This had been five or six days past. I was quite sure that there was not much to do but throwing everything away, but to verify that I called a laboratory in Klagenfurt that specializes in food analysis. They confirmed my suspicion: I have to throw away 20 or 30 kg of meat, some pizzas, vegetables, herbs and what else.

At that time I was so fed up and time had progressed so much, that I saw no chance for the trip I had planned for the afternoon, a trip to at least two, maybe three waterfalls in the mountains.

This image is one of a series I took in the early afternoon, images from the mountains on the other side of the valley. The waterfalls can wait for tomorrow.