61 - After Sundown

This is the same church as in “The Church on Top of the Mountain”, only this time after sundown and from the front. I shot the image on Magdalensberg , my “sundown mountain”, about 10 kilometers north-east of Klagenfurt. It is a pretty safe bet when you want to escape the fog, and that was exactly what I needed today.

Remember the not-so-frozen meat? Well, today we had the pleasure to empty the freezer, sort its contents into meat, organic but not meat, and packaging. Afterwards I took the meat and drove it to Klagenfurt, where they have a refuse disposal service specialized on meat.

We’d had fog all day and by the time I was rid of the meat, Magdalensberg was really my only option. Traffic was a bitch (don’t you love the scene in Robert Altman’s “The Player”, when Bruce Willis uses that phrase as an excuse why he is so late rescuing Julia Roberts?) and I didn’t make it for any direct sunlight. The sun just vanished below the horizon when when I was maybe 50 meters below the summit.

Surprisingly enough this incredibly drab, foggy day had been absolutely cloudless, thus the sundown was not spectacular at all. I made some pictures of the panorama, the animals up there and the church, this one already in very low light, 30 seconds at f16, of course with the Sigma 10-20 at 10mm.

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Ted Byrne   (2006-12-31)

They specialise on refuse removal emphasizing meat? Huh? You can't just put meat out with the trash/garbage? Sigh... we are either way ahead here in the states, or woefully behind. I thought that separating out cans and paper was culture shock. Yipes!

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