100 - Lazy Afternoon

A 100 days, that is quite some time and it is not. Normally I’d have said that 100 days go by as nothing, much too quick, leaving no traces. Now, almost a third of a year in this project, that is all about leaving traces, I feel different. When I look at the early images and all the progress since, then I can remember every one of these moments I’ve captured. There is no other period in my life that is documented so well, besides maybe some voyages that I cared to take a camera with me, but that were never more than two weeks.

So there is a documentary aspect to it, but I strongly feel, that I have made artistic progress as well. Not that all these images are as good as I’d like them to be in hindsight, but overall I see my abilities to express myself in photographs increase. Ultimately, of course, the judgment must be your’s.

After the Photoshop orgy yesterday, I have slept long and allowed myself the luxury of a lazy afternoon. Just like yesterday’s image, this one is a combination of two exposures with different lighting, a technique I found very successful for this kind of macro shots. Lighting may not be entirely realistic, but with a subject like this from so near, it would be hard to judge anyway.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-01-23)

You are a pioneer in a new form of journaling. We both are. Until blogs anddigital photography, this was way beyond the possible. Plus the form demands that the words in any given day be few. We must find a point from that day, a thought to buff. And yes, a memory to sieze. It seems like such a natural extension of past journaling techniques that we overlook the astonishing step into new dimensions of self expression that we have been permitted as we poke our lenses into a technology which allows us to make the subliminal... absolute.. concrete. It is fascinating where you are going with this, and how the totality of this excercise becomes even greater than its parts. Much like stitching together a personal quilt of identity. Thanks for sharing.

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