96 - Strange Substitute

Funny how things turn out sometimes. When I got home from work, I was absolutely sure I had an Image of the Day. It was a street scene in Westbahnstraße at late dusk, that had looked extremely good on the camera’s LCD, but that, when I just looked at it on the monitor, simply fell apart. How lucky that I had decided to go out again and try to shoot some night images. I did, and this is the main product. I feel it is a worthy substitute 🙂

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Flexx   (2007-03-04)

This is among my favorites of your pictures so far, thus I am very glad your first POTD for that day didn't work out and made you go out again to shoot this one.

One simply has to wonder thats behind that glass, and the possibilities are endless. Noooo! I'm not going to tell you what I had in mind! 😉

Thanks for sharing,

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