136 - Frosted

This winter always amazes me. This morning we had snow in Vienna 🙂

Not real snow. I mean, not the burial mounds of snow that fell on Austria last year and had the impertinence to stay for four months. It was only a frosting, one or two centimeters at most, but it triggers fear. Ted, I know how you feel.

Nikon 18-200 at 46mm, f8 and ISO 100, two versions from RAW combined, a mask and serious blending modes.

The fabulous Kate Bush gave us the Song of the Day, the haunting “Under Ice” from her masterpiece (aren’t all her albums masterpieces?) “Hounds of Love”. I link to the remastered version for a reason: it has six bonus tracks, so get it if you don’t already have the album. I did, even though I had 🙂

Talking about music, there is a new link in my list of “Other blogs” to a site called “Fudgeland”. It’s all about music that is hard to get by. Bootlegs, records that are not available any more, you get it. Highly recommended. Go there and be surprised.

For the sake of coherence I really should have searched for a Story of the Day about ice and snow, but when I stumbled upon this gem I could not resist: John Cameron, the director of “Titanic” has found the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth, his wife Mary Magdalene and their son Judah.

You do know that this kind of “revelations” has a long history, do you? For an example of how long, read about the finding of the True Cross by Helena, the mother of Constantine I.