138 - Circus is in Town

There is precious little to work with today. Of the few images I made, there were only two really usable. This was the one that I wanted to use on first impulse, with the other I have now spent almost two hours before I was convinced that it is not it. Hmm … speak of following your instincts 🙂

I took this image of some advertising posters on the street for its colors, not for the content. That’s why it is out of focus. It reminds me of childhood, big eyes, sweet candy …

Circus is in town!

As for the Song of the Day, this is easy. If there is any song that perfectly conveys the archetype “circus”, then it is “Wild Billy’s Circus Story” from Bruce Springsteen’s first and still unsurpassed masterpiece “The Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle”.

There is no Story of the Day. I give it up. It simply does not make sense. There were some rare cases when image, story and song made up for a coherent whole, but those cases were the exception, and if they don’t, the whole concept falls apart. This won’t keep me from commenting on news or pointing out a good story if I feel it’s worth it, but as a regular, the Story of the Day is gone.

Having said all that, the NYT hints at a fantastic retrospective of Jacopo Tintoretto at Madrid’s Prado museum, one of the finest galleries in the world, certainly my favourite, and always a good excuse to come to Madrid. The retrospective runs through May 13, and I really consider 🙂

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