140 - After Work

Yesterday we had a party at our boss’ flat in Vienna. I shot this image of Erich while waiting for the tram, just around the end of civil twilight.

At last year’s party I made a lot of photos with the Kodak DX7950, but mostly had to resort to flash. It’s quite a difference to be able to shoot handheld and still get better images. And of course Auto ISO rocks. It has taken some time to get acquainted to this style of shooting and the “loss of control”, but nowadays, when not shooting from the tripod, I use it always, only adjusting minimum shutter speed to the type of subject and the lens I use.

The Song of Yesterday was “Ain’t Nothin’ But A Party” from the Dirty Dozen Brass Band’s album “Medicated Magic”. No lyrics necessary, because the only words sung are those of the title 🙂

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Ted Byrne   (2007-03-04)

Is this a RAW capture? If so, you have plenty of information in the file to diddle with teasing a hair more detail out of the shadowy side of Eric's face. This, together with the revealing portrait of your Dad are demostrating your ability to capture personality through candid expression. I'm looking forward to more of this Andreas.Thanks for sharing

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