156 - Expecting Snow

I shot this image in Sankt Egyden at about 5pm, while on my way to Velden to fetch food from Fallaloon, a Chinese restaurant chain with excellent take-away food.

In Sankt Egyden I bent off left into the small road to Treffen, just to get some view on the hazy sundown. I positioned myself so that the sun was exactly behind the trunk and took this shot. Nikon 18-200 VR at 27mm and f13. f13? Goodness, I didn’t reset it 🙂

It’s interesting weather. We expect snow for tomorrow. At least the meteorologists do. I for myself can’t imagine how sunny, warm Spring should turn to icy, cold Winter in one night. Well, OK, I’ve just looked at an animated satellite image, and now I begin to see how this could come to pass. Scary. I hope the snow does not destroy too much, as the trees are already blossoming and sprouting early leaves.

Do you love buying hardware? I do, and on Saturday I have bought 2 new hard drives. 500GB each, one for Carinthia, one for Vienna. This should take care of the space problems for another year or some more. Originally I had the intention to wait for Hitachi’s terabyte drives. They were announced in December, but are still not available. Anyway, 500GB are the best bang for the buck at the moment and the capacity should suffice for a while, so I’m satisfied.

The Song of the Day is “Rain and Snow” by the Chieftains from their album “Down the Old Plank Road: The Nashville Sessions”. I’ve not been able to find the lyrics, but they’re simple enough anyway.

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John DeMott   (2007-03-19)

What lovely light! I can feel the soft warmth here at my computer.

I've been scrolling the photo up and down, over and over, to enjoy the two separate halves of this shot. The top has the wonderful glow in the sky and the elegant shape of the tree. But the bottom half has wonderfully mysterious shadows, a simple curve in the road, and lovely pastel colors. Sometimes, viewing on the computer leads you to look at things in different ways, just as looking through the viewfinder does.

No, I don't often enjoy purchasing new hardware. I used to enjoy it back in the days of DOS, when I felt that I was in charge of my computer and when each upgrade resulted in another order of magnitude boost in performance. Now, most purchases plug in, harass me with some irritating questions about registration and then leave my computer working much as it did before. Unless, of course, there is a technical glitch, in which case I am condemned to spending an entire weekend on the telephone with some alleged technician who seems to have only a vague idea what I am talking about. Either way, the thrill is gone.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-03-19)

Size matters! I am a man. I want BIG things. I want T-bytes.... Am lusting for T-Bytes. I have a half a T, but it is filling fast. Twin Ts will be burly, brawny... MANLY....

Now, having GROWLED like that... Yeah, I too am a gear head. What photographer isn't? And yeah, at parties men traditionally gathered to compare the, um, sizes of their... er... devices. Until recently. I was at a cocktail party and a bunch of beer swilling MEN were standing there, each swearing his was SMALLER than anyone's!!!!

How can this be? You ask? Well simple... they were comparing cell phones!

As for the image... see John's comments up above mind? DITTO!!!

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andreas   (2007-03-20)

Thanks guys.

Ted, you're right, some things get smaller, and MP3 players are another example. So, now I sit here with my 60GB Cowan iAudio X5, filled to the brim with not even a third of my music, I sit here and wait for somebody to build 120GB players, and what do they do? They build 4GB players with flash technology! Grrr!

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Thomas   (2007-03-20)

I really hate buying new hardware. Having it in the end is great (or big, whatever...) But buying...? That implies informing me which thingy I want to get, comparing prices, waiting, installing, returning it if bad comes to worse, etc... No, all the fun is in having a brand new working thingy and actually using it...

Nice photo, the background and lightning are certainly interesting. However, I'm not very fond of streets in photos. We already have far too many...

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