164 - I Remember Croatia

This is not a current image, it is from my trip to Croatia on March, 4th. I am still sick at home and from my window I see snow and fog. Oh well.

You probably remember this image. I had also posted it on the Radiant Vista Forums, where it was generally liked, even though there were mergers with boats behind the chair. On a day like that, incapacitated like that, I thought, heck, why don’t go back and fix it.

It was not particularly hard to do but tedious, and after having spent so much time with it, I decided to make it the Image of the Day. Bear with me 🙂

Tom Verlaine supplies a very fitting the Song of the Day. It’s “One Time At Sundown” from his wonderful 1987 album (hey, 20 years!) “Flash Light”.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-03-28)

There is such a state of possibility here. Is that a red and blue towel? If not, I want it to be one. That chair is an invitation to wait until the golden light fades. And longer. The boat, breaking up the block of squinting glass also invites, so does the towel. There's an anchor buoy just off this dock, another boat's coming. And that chair's the place to wait for it as well.
I might have cloned away that pole behind the chair... but I am too picky.
I want to sit there, or someplace like it soon. And wait for an evening boat to come home.

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