168 - Something Beautiful Dying

There is a yearly photo contest in Vienna, I think it’s called the Vienna Photo Marathon. Don’t ask. I’ll probably attend, because it sounds like fun. You have a series of given topics, and within a day you have to take an image for each topic. The reason I mention it is, that they have a rule that says any form of post-processing is forbidden. Silly? Yes.

This is one of those images that would be forbidden under that rule. I saw these flowers on the ground when at noon I was out to take some pictures. I was already returning to work, thus I took no more than one image. Later, at home in Carinthia, when I waded through the images of today, I had some very promising candidates, but somehow these flowers wanted me to take them on, and so I did.

This image is probably a little bit more artificial than usual, and I can’t even say that it ended up as I had wanted. Actually I have the strong feeling, that the image made me twist and bend it the way it wanted, rather than that I would have been in control. Anyway, here it is, a common effort of some dead flowers and me, evoking the kind of mourning that we always feel when something beautiful is dying.

This is also the Song of the Day, “Something Beautiful Dying”, again from Willy DeVille’s 1985 Mink DeVille album “Sportin’ Life”. Sorry, I have no lyrics and regrettably not even a sound sample. Trust me, it’s good for your soul.