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I have failed to post an Image of the Day for four days now. Why? I was tired, I have a new graphics card (which partially explains why I was tired), and I had some stress at work. I did not fail to shoot images though, thus all you’ll see posted today has been shot at the respective days.

This was last Wednesday, on my way from work. I took an unusual detour through the 8th district, basically all the while going toward the low sunlight. In a corner I saw this window, facing east, reflecting a distant, sunlit facade that in turn reflected some light on the graffiti.

Randy Crawford’s “Shine” is the Song of the Day. I couldn’t find any lyrics, but there is a sound sample on Amazon’s page for the 1992 album “Through the Eyes of Love”.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-04-26)

How has grafitti style become so international? Is there just one person doing all of this? Or does the media somehow constrain the artist to just certain shapings? I've now seen graphs from Asia, Europe, and south America... it's so similar that it's spooky. Have to say though, this is one of the worst defacements in terms of an elegant structure I've seen.

I have mixed emotions about this art form. the hubris of the artist insults everyone. I understand it's a power thing, and I suspect that the anger they engender is part of their payback.

An acquaintance in Chester confronted a graffer working on the front of his own home. He had a loaded shotgun within reach. He still wonders what constrained him. Instead his shout drove the boy off.

I know people who would not have been so ... disciplined. That is the level of discomfort these folks unleash. Judging by the ruins of Pompeii... Graffers are not new. Yet I don't recall them in my youth. I wonder what happened to squelch them for a while?


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