181 - Got Love?

Thursday, again taken on my way home, this time in Stollgasse, round the corner from where I live.

I am not sure why I have framed this photo the way I did. I have tried to crop it, “concentrate on one idea”, but, against all rules as it may be, this is it. This is the perfect crop, exactly as I shot it in the first place.

This is a story of old love and “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” is the Song of the Day. It’s old love, so we go back to Louis Armstrong. I have a CD with recordings from 1928-29 that is no longer available, but you’ll find it as track 12 on disc 1 of “The Essential Louis Armstrong”. Alas the sound sample stops before he starts singing, but you’ll get the mood.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-04-26)

Look at the respect the people who live in this place have for themselves, and the way they want others to see them. Then look at the disrespect this graffer has for these people and what their self respect means to him. The graf has a grace yet the asymmetry of its placement has to be especially deliberate. It was drawn prettily yet placed ugly.

The graffer respects himself... flaunts himself. Flaunts his control to deface and his knowledge of how to do particulalry nasty visual violence. Some would call him sad. But sad is what he is making the sort of people who live inside of this place. Some will find a pop or politico psych way to diagnose this graffer as a victim of something or other, driven to express his rage... Instead it is everyone who sees this who becomes his victim.

Well caught Andreas. Your commentary is shrill, but appropriate.


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