198 - So Tired

Yeah, yeah, I know, this is not art, not proper, earnest art but, honestly, would you not have taken this image? Actually I think I did quite a good job of removing an annoying background. It’s not perfect, it is not a proper background replacement, but it does the job, at least compared to the original background. The problem is, that cats yawn after having slept, and that they sleep in places where they feel secure, and that they feel secure near walls or in crevices, and that this ultimately means there is always an annoying background when a cat yawns.

I used the Nikon 18-200 and some fill flash on this image, the rest is Photoshop 🙂

The Song of the day is from one of Eric Clapton’s latest albums, “Back Home” from 2005, an album that has largely failed to impress me, but this song, “So Tired” is a perfect match, so here it is 🙂