199 - I Can See Clearly Now

Not my most productive day and not much to tell. I shot the image this afternoon with the Nikon 18-200 at 27mm and f13.

In the evening, during dinner in a pizzeria in Sankt Jakob, I heard the Song of the Day on the radio, “I Can See Clearly Now”, probably in the original version by Johnny Nash, but this is not what we’re looking at today. This song has been covered many times, and the only version I have accessible quite now, is definitely not the worst: Holly Cole on her 1993 album “Don’t Smoke in Bed”.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-05-01)

You capture a rich texture so easily. I'm jealous. Here's a perfect example of the way you see exactly what your sensor will capture with respect to tonal range and then reveal the gamut in one image. It's interesting to see how you've grown through this exercise as the experience has made your instrument an extension your will. Nice.

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