203 - Purple Beauty

Friday, traveling, rain all day and so on. I had no image at 11pm, thus I went into the garden, grabbed me a columbine (at least I think it is one), mounted it in an impromptu arrangement of paper clips on the kitchen table, took camera, tripod, Sigma 150/2.8 macro and two torch lights. I made two exposures with slightly different focus. This is a combination of the two, the pistil coming from the one with nearer focus.

The Song of the Day is Prince’s “Purple Rain”. Funnily enough I don’t have the original in my collection, and the only version that I have already converted to OGG and therefore have at hand is the one by Bob Belden and Holly Cole. I have it on a Jazz sampler called “The Cover Art of Blue Note”. It is not available in the US, at least not under this title, so I’ll have to direct you to Amazon.de for a sound sample. Hmm … as I hear it: they must have selected the most uninteresting sample from the whole track ☹️

OK, I just did some research and I found out that the track is available in the US, but only on Bob Belden’s 1993 album “When the Doves Cry: The Music of Prince”. A majority of one reviewer found the album “just never seems to get off the ground”, but I promise you, this is not the case with this track 🙂