213 - Night Time Is The Right Time

Yesterday I was swimming for the very first time this year. Old Danube is already warm enough, weather was hot and Vienna’s most famous public bath, Gänsehäufel, in its 100th year, was definitely the place to be. I really like it there. It has the charm of the 1950s, and it is so big, that it never feels overly crowded. After work I spent one hour swimming and lying in the sun, and then another hour taking photographs.

I really like the images I made there and normally one of them would have made it, but then, on my way home, I saw this bicycle, lit by the headlights of a car. I had no time at all and somehow I seem to have used it well. This is right out of the camera, a grabshot really, but I immediately fell in love with it 🙂

Sigma 30/1.4 at f1.4, 1/60s and ISO 360, D200 on ISO automatic.

"Night Time Is The Right Time" from Aretha Franklin’s 1968 album “Aretha Now” is the Song of the Day.