218 - Yellow Jungle

Saturday morning I had to be in Klagenfurt, because our car had some problems. One ignition coil was defective. In the meantime I got a replacement car and used the time to shoot some images in Europapark, the beautiful park near Wörthersee. I’ve been there last fall, but this time it was all flowers and blossoms.

I’m always trying to go to extremes, and this time the concept was to use the ultra-wide Sigma 10-20 at 10mm and f4, but in the fashion of a macro, i.e. by going very near and, most important, focusing very near. This way I managed to get some reduced depth of field. There was so much light that I decided to use a polarizer as well. Tough job for automatic white balance, and as could be expected, it failed miserably. Anyway, that’s the advantage of shooting RAW, so no problem.

The Song of the Day is “Song Of The Jungle Stream” from Carla Bley’s 1973 album “Tropic Appetites”.