222 - Two Of Us

222? A third of the Beast? We’re getting along. It’s an uphill struggle though. I shoot daily, I seem to be able to post to Smugmug daily, but blog writing really takes time and, interestingly enough, what takes most time are titling and the selection of the Song of the Day. As a consequence you may increasingly see images that have no song title.

This image is titled after a song, of course it’s “Two Of Us” by the Beatles on their last album (at least the last to reach the stores, actually it was recorded before “Abbey Road”) “Let It Be”. No sound samples on Amazon but, c’mon, we all can sing it, can we?

This is the image for Wednesday, May 23. Five days back, oh well! It’s another one of those “way-to-work” “looking-for-details” shots and I found it in Vienna’s Albertgasse. I used the Sigma 30/1.4, which is a great lens for this type of shots.

I have already mentioned it, but I am not a photographer who always changes lenses according to situation. I choose a lens, stay with it for a while, adjust to the lens' way of framing the world and see what I can get. On a D200 this lens has the frame of a 45mm slight wide-angle lens, but of course the perspective of the 30mm distinct wide-angle that it is, and it also focuses quite near. All this makes the lens so wonderful for depth-of-field follies.