243 - Evening Shadows

This morning I really had not time for photographing, and I took my first images when leaving from work shortly after 7pm. I used the Sigma 30/1.4 and took my way along Josefstädter Straße. The sun already lit the southern side of the street, and the reflections from the shop windows made all kinds of interesting patterns of light and shadow. I had a hard time deciding which image to select as Image of the Day, there are at least two other worthy contenders, but decide I must, and here it is.

I love this image for its feeling of loneliness. It really looks like a deserted city, completely devoid of people. I used “Cloudy” white balance, and in Photoshop (apart from cloning out some distractions) I have only pushed it further along that route.

The Song of the Day, Van Morrison’s “Evening Shadows”, reveals another mystery of Amazon.com and of our beloved recording industry. I have it on a 2002 album called “Down the Road”. Amazon.com lists the album with 13 tracks that you can listen to and mentions two bonus tracks. Amazon.de lists 15 tracks but has no sound samples, Amazon.co.uk, which I have linked to, finally lists 15 tracks with sound samples, albeit not Windows Media but Real Audio (I guess when you’re on a Mac, you’ll always get Real Audio). The CD that I have has only 14 tracks, “Evening Shadows” is number 13, it is one of the two bonus tracks, but a regular track is missing.

So now: why on earth does Amazon.com list the regular tracks only, when the other versions list all 15 tracks? Why do they have sound samples for the same album in one country and not in the other? Why different formats? And why is my CD missing a track??