248 - My Heart Belongs to Daddy

I shot quite some images yesterday, some before, some after swimming and this was afterwards, with the sun already very low. This is in the park along “Kaiserwasser”, a part of “Alte Donau” that’s between the island “Gänsehäufl” and the underground station “Kaisermühlen-Vienna International Center (VIC)”.

I was mainly interested in the light and the alignment of the two trees, and when I saw the man with the girl coming along, my first impulse was to wait, but then I saw how perfectly they aligned with the two trees and I changed my mind.

Over the course of the last weeks I have worked mostly with Capture NX, but some images scream Photoshop and this is one of them. To the left, at the same distance as the woman, there was part of a bench with unidentifiable things on it, behind the man and the girl, at the edge of the river was a light blanket on the ground and maybe some picnic equipment, I don’t know. In any case these things were high contrast and positively distracting, so I cloned them out, along with some litter.

The other thing was colors. Of course I could have tried to get this result in Capture NX, and with many color control points I probably would have succeeded, but in Lab color mode, applying a “Man from Mars”, it took me a minute or two to get vibrant colors and a good deal of color depth, and that’s not even with an action.

Cole Porter’s song “My Heart Belongs To Daddy” is the Song of the Day, and I thought we have a look at something fresh (for Cole Porter standards that is), for instance the version by Swedish Jazz singer Lisa Ekdahl on her 2002 album “Heaven Earth & Beyond”. No sound samples here, but the German shop of Amazon has them.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-06-20)

My my.... trees that dance with your featured performers? That is terrific. And without the discipline of 248 daily images I wonder how simple it would have been for you to recognize and capture the serindipity?

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andreas   (2007-06-20)

You're right, it gets easier. One thing is clear, regardless how long I can keep to this, it has permanently changed my view on the world.

Funny, we began to blog only days apart.


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pnfphotography   (2007-06-20)

I like the way the light falls as well and your music choice is so fitting. Very touching image and could easily be a fathers day card. The area you live in is really beautiful.

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