278 - Be My Bumble Bee

When was the last time you shot a bumble bee? Not that long ago? OK, when was the last time you did it with a wide-angle lens??

It’s the Sigma 20/1.8 again, and not all is well today. This is the first time I’m having trouble with a Sigma lens. It front-focuses badly for everything below f8 and distances above a meter. I didn’t recognize it at first, because it does not occur when you use the lens as a macro. I’ll have them fix it, but that will have to wait another week, because next week I’m in Germany and I want to take the lens with me. In the meantime I use the lens in manual focus mode. It’s not really a problem, because I only have to set it to infinity and then come back down until the focus indicator just begins to light up.

What is the Song of the Day? I have a “Bumble Bee Blues”, and that would stick, but when I think about it, it’s really the Muddy Waters hit “I’m a King Bee”, interpreted by The Rolling Stones on their 1964 album “England’s Newest Hitmakers”.

There are quite some covers available at YouTube, and one of them even by Jim Morrison and the Doors. I certainly didn’t know that 🙂

And when you’re at it, please try Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush as well. They’re that good. Really.

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Anna   (2007-07-19)

Andreas...thanks so much for your comment on my blog...I edited my blog a bit when I realized it might sound like my world is imploding! 🙂 Sorry about that.

Take care and this image is beautiful!

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Anna   (2007-07-19)

Hey Andreas...I reposted my blog and the comments got deleted with it...I just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to recomment.



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