280 - Sitting on a Fence

Back again as promised 🙂

I had a hard time choosing between the images of today. I finally settled with this one, shot after having arrived in Carinthia late afternoon. It’s again the Sigma 20/1.8 , and in the moment I can’t get enough of this remarkable lens. Let me repeat: 20cm focusing distance, combined with f1.8, that’s wide-angle macro at its finest.

The Housemartins were a 1980s band from Hull, England, and after their split in 1988 they formed Fatboy Slim and The Beautiful South. Funny, aye?

"Sitting on a Fence” is from their first album, the 1986 release “London 0 Hull 4”.

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Bill   (2007-07-21)

It's certainly understandable why you like this lens so much. The control over depth of field is nothing short of amazing. Once again you've captured a great image here, probably my favourite of this series. There is one minor thing though that's bothering me. I'm not sure about the bottom right corner where the high contrast and in focus section of the fence detracts from the main subject. It does help to add balance to the image but maybe to the point of dominating it. I don't know, but just wonder about your thought process here.
All that aside, I really do like this image. Keep 'em coming.

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pnfphotography   (2007-07-22)

I love the work your doing with the new lens. I also admire the post work done ...very very beautiful and a GREAT title.

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