308 - Working And Working, But Still So Terribly Far To Go

When I go to Carinthia on Fridays, I enter the train at Südtirolerplatz, because that’s where the Underground station is. The place is normally a bus terminal, but at the moment it is closed for construction work, so you have to go around the place. Today I did so as well and, having no image yet, I looked closely. Nikon 50/1.8 at f8, post-processing in Capture NX.

When you have nothing from Nina Simone yet, you must get at least the “Tomato Collection”, one of the countless “Best Of”, as long as it has “My Baby Just Cares for Me”, and then the very special “Four Women: Nina Simone Philips Recordings” box set. Track 11 on disc 4 of this set is the “Work Song”, our Song of the Day.

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Thomas   (2007-08-18)

Nice contrast between the red crane and the concrete-colored buildings in the background. Red tones really carry "dynamics" and "work" and such active things...

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