347 - Always The Sun

Every year, when everybody else already wears warm clothing, I pretend that summer is not yet over. Well, yesterday may have been the last day this year, that I’ve been able to do so. It was warm, sunny, with patches of harmless clouds, and I was swimming. Today it seems to be over.

This image is from yesterday afternoon. I was on my way to the lake when I stopped for a completely different image, an image that turned out to be nothing interesting at all, and when I just wanted to stow away the tripod, I looked into the sun, saw the curves, the clouds, and then I knew what image I wanted to take.

I used the Nikon 18-200 at 18mm and f11, from the tripod, with mirror lockup, remote control and Lee split-ND filters.

Had it not been for the filters (I have no adapter for the 72mm thread, so I had to hand hold them), the tripod would not have been necessary. On the other hand, without tripod and mirror lockup you simply can’t use a long lens to its full potential. Not that it would matter at this focal length and size, but for some other images I shot at the long end, and especially when peeping at pixels, the difference is obvious.

"Always The Sun” is a song from The Stranglers’ 1987 album “Dreamtime”. Hear the song on YouTube.