349 - Detour Ahead

I’ve driven these curves thousands of times. This is the way from our house on the hill down to the main road.

In all this time I have never taken this image. I have even photographed there, not once, not twice, many times, but this exact perspective … never. Reality is fractal, you know? You can be a million times in one place, but you will never stop to see new things. Sometimes you’ll have to look very hard, but most of the time it is completely obvious.

This image was taken with the Nikon 18-200 at 95mm, f16 and 2.5s from the tripod.

"Detour Ahead” is a Billy Holiday classic, but today we go for a cover version from Mary Coughlan’s 2001 album “Long Honeymoon”.

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pnfphotography   (2007-09-28)

fall is there! beautiful

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Ted Byrne   (2007-09-29)

Reality is fractal???? Holy Moley! What a profound way to arrange three words.

Reality is fractal!! Yes... a tee shirt? The name for a blogsite? The title of your book?

As wonderful as this image is... that line will resonate longer. And yet they marry one another that line and graphic.

You are right reality is fractal. So are dreams.


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andreas   (2007-09-29)

Yes, so are dreams. If I have understood anything about the world at an early age, then it was this. I lost that feeling almost altogether when I stopped drawing (you see, I never reached painting) and poured my soul into software engineering, but that's really the way children see the world. Infinite and whole. Magic. We'll have to talk about it.


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