373 - As Time Goes By

We have funny weather at the moment. A little bit like April. This morning was cool but wonderful, and as time went by, weather conditions constantly changed. Here I have prepared two images as seen from our garden, the upper one from 11am, the lower one from 2:45pm. Quite a difference, aye?

The Song of the Day is “As Time Goes By”, yes, the one from “Casablanca”, and it’s the most unusual version you could think of: Mísia sings it on her 1999 album “Fado”. Hear the sound sample at Amazon’s German site.

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Thomas   (2007-10-29)

Quite a difference. I prefer the 2nd variety, as it's more moody. The first one is somewhat postcard-style. Still a gorgeous view, no doubt...

But you're kind of lucky to have that changing weather. Here it's rather constant right now - on the dull side of things. Booring...

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