399 - Amid the Falling Snow

I’ve promised you snow, well, this is snow 🙂

It does not look exactly like a tiny park almost in the center of Vienna, but that’s only the power of the wide-angle. This is a park along the 200 meters between my workplace and the entrance to the Underground. When I walked by, on my way to the train, I suddenly saw the peculiar configuration of these trees, the snow sticking to their north sides and the still colored leaves.

Sigma 10-20 at 16mm, f6.7. 1/40s and ISO 100. Post-processing in Capture NX and Photoshop.

The other image is from this morning. By chance I saw an open house entrance, walked in and took some images. This is the one I liked most. Post-processing with Photomatix Pro and Photoshop. I’ve deliberately added some grain. I know that many people detest it, but in some cases it simply looks right.

The Song of the Day is “Amid the Falling Snow” from Enya’s fabulous 2005 album “Amarantine”. Hear it on YouTube.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-11-17)

Driving into my office complex this morning the sun abruptly broke through dark clouds from an overnight storm. It burst upon the trees and for the first time I realized that Fall had come to Lancaster County.

Maybe I wasn't paying attention these past weeks since returning from Europe. No, not true, I did try to go out two Sundays ago but couldn't find any leaves that had changed. So this is pretty sudden. Yeah, it is mid November so maybe Fall's a hair late, but we generally get high color here about now.

So it came as a shock to see your post. The snow seems so like a trip to the futute. Odd that our seasons are about as far apart as are our days. Just as you are six hours ahead of me every day, you seem about three to four weeks ahead of the colds or warms of nature's patterns.

I recall with jealousy watching Spring wash over your photographs when we were still slumping around in the slushy mud of late winter. Now you've beaten us into the flakes.

Someday it will become apparent to me how this happens. Till then, it's fun to watch the future happen here on your blog.


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andreas   (2007-11-17)

It's interesting, yes, though this year the snow falls uncommonly early. You see, there are still colored leaves.

It somehow began when Summer was abruptly cut off in at the beginning of September. Last year I was swimming in Vienna around the end of September, this year it was the end of August. Carinthia was better, but weather in Vienna sadly did not recover.


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Ted Byrne   (2007-11-18)

Don't tell any of that to Al Gore, Okay? It's a sort of inconvenient truth, no?

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Thomas   (2007-11-18)

Isn't it interesting that we now measuring the timing of any new season on the question on whether it's climate change or not? Somebody should start distributing the fact that "weather" and "climate" are two completely different cups of tea...

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andreas   (2007-11-19)

And 20 years ago we talked about nothing but acid rain and the dying forests. Well, the forests are still with us, though there were changes to the worse indeed, only not with the magnitude and speed that the yellow press wanted us to believe.

I guess the same it's here: a little higher probability for hurricanes in the Caribbean and floods in Mexico, a bit more droughts in the Mediterranean, some insects north of the Alps that haven't been there in recorded history. Nothing too dramatic, probably not piling up to anything threatening in our lifetime, but what about the generations to come? All those processes, pollution and how to get rid of it, are very slow and hard to steer.

I mean, we all know that it's not a good idea to burn up all the oil on the planet and dump poison into the oceans, but we still think we could get away with it. Just like children stealing sweets in the supermarket, or the gambler who sees his fortunes dwindle and still feeds the slot machine. Isn't this stupid?

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