627 - Mon Vieux Joseph

As I said, this was a very short intermezzo in Carinthia. I took the train down on Monday afternoon, and today, Wednesday, I returned to Vienna early in the morning.

Of course I was swimming, albeit much too short. On my way to the lake, I took the first image, two blades of spelt (as I found out on Wikipedia), using the somewhat inelegant but extremely effective “machine gun” approach. Of the 11 surviving images, this was the one that I liked most. Talk about industrial image making 🙂

Technically I have converted the image in Capture NX, because I liked the original approach of the camera and would have had a hard time to mimic colors and contrast in Adobe Camera RAW. The only thing that I did in CS3 was sharpening.

The other two images are from the break between the two parts of the concert. The Clemencic Consort gave Carmina Burana, and it was just as great as I had expected. See this video for a sample. In the Gothic church of Maria Saal we had the slightly nicer environment though 🙂

I am quite sure that the Saint on the glass window holding the infant Christ is Joseph, thus the Song of the Day is “Joseph” from Georges Moustaki’s best known 1969 (what a year!!!) album “Le Meteque”. Hear it on YouTube.