752 - Solitude

It’s Tuesday night here in Austria, the elections in the US are in full swing, and I had another shopping and working day. This image is from yesterday morning, at the side of the forest, right behind the house.

The Song of the Day is the Duke Ellington composition “Solitude”, interpreted by Nina Simone on disc 2 of “The Tomato Collection”.

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Paul   (2008-11-05)

Yep. It is election night here in the US. Along the east coast the polls have already closed. At 10:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time), the results will start pouring in because the polls in California close at 7 PM Pacific time, some 3 hours behind.

Although I despise politics, it looks to be a historic time should Obama win.

I'm am sitting quietly, surfing blogs, television silent. I'll find out in the morning who won.

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omami   (2008-11-06)

so lovley!!

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