768 - The River

Today I took a two hours walk in the surroundings. I thought it’s probably a good idea to get accustomed to all those places nearby that will eventually save a day, photographically.

The apartment house is to the north of a big semiconductor facility owned by Infineon, as far as I know, the only memory chip manufacturer left in Europe, though in Villach they make power semiconductors for industrial and automobile use. Beyond the Infineon plant is the river Gail, to the east of it, directly north of the river, an artificial hill, my father suspects a former waste deposit and I guess he’s right.

I did not expect very much, but the big pile of garbage turned out to be a nice, green mound with a perfect view in all directions. Should I ever be desperate for a sunrise or sundown image, that’s the place to go 🙂

A little further: the river. I walked down to the bank, lay down on the stones, took images of cobbles and waves, changed between lenses, and felt like a child.

I guess this is a good place to be.

The Image of the Day shows again Mittagskogel, the big mountain exactly to the south of Villach, above which the sun stands at noon (Mittag). When I took this image, the sun was already far in the west, giving me a nice right angle to the light, maximizing the effect of the polarizer.

The Song of the Day is “The River”, not by Bruce Springsteen (we may come to that, don’t worry 🙂, no, by The Beautiful South, and it’s not even the same song. It’s a Beautiful South original from their 2000 album “Painting It Red”.

See two live versions on YouTube, one typical concert and one very intimate acoustic setting.

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Scott D. Coulter   (2008-11-20)

This is my favorite day's worth of pictures since I started reading your blog! Beautiful! Looking forward to lots more great photos from your new environment.

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Andreas   (2008-11-20)

Thanks. It was certainly an enjoyable day for me as well 🙂

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Thomas   (2008-11-20)

What a photo! Absolutely my type of motif, great lightning and a touch of Andreas'sim. Perfect!

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J. L. T.   (2008-11-21)

Hi Andreas,
very beautiful and calm! Great colors, and what a majestically mountain. Sunny greetings

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