931 - It Shouldn't Happen To A Dream

It’s been slightly delayed, but here is the post for May, 1st. Remember my SoFoBoMo project? It’s going to be called “Urban Dreams”. Well, this day marks the begin of the earliest possible “fuzzy month”.

I’m still in Carinthia and making trips to the surroundings. On Saturday I thought I’d start right away, and I would do it on a trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, a city with a population of about 270.000, and thus certainly qualified for the term “urban”.

Boy, did I fail! We started by visiting the castle on top of the hill in Ljubljana’s center, there in the park I made the Image of the Day. When we finally got down into the city, we had only a very short time, as a thunderstorm was approaching.

When we returned to Villach, we did not take the direct route through the tunnel, but instead left the highway at Jesenice, from there followed the river Sava up to Kranjska Gora, and via Podkoren we crossed over to Carinthia at Wurzenpass.

The river image is from river Sava, again you see the typical color of the water in the region.

The view of the mountains is from the ascend to Wurzenpass, looking back to Kranjska Gora, and the final image, the road with the fence, was already taken in Carinthia.

Where does this leave me relative to SoFoBoMo?

I like all four of today’s images, the mountain image is quite a bit conventional, but I like the other three a lot. On the other hand, clearly none of them qualifies as an “Urban Dream”. My original idea was, to use mostly images of Vienna, and thus to start on Monday, when I’m back again. In any case, one thing is clear: I have not started SoFoBoMo on Saturday 🙂

The Song of the Day is “It Shouldn’t Happen To A Dream” from the 1962 Anita O’Day / Cal Tjader album “Time for Two”. Deezer has the album.

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Ove   (2009-05-03)

How many urban dreams are not about the countryside?

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Thomas   (2009-05-04)

I would name the river shot my favorite. Maybe one could start dreaming when sitting there, but you might have a point. It's not that urban...😉

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April   (2009-05-04)

Cheat! 🙂))

Reminds me of all the times I set a date to quit smoking, caved that day, and reset to another date. Eventually, I did succeed but...

Seriously, I like Ove's suggestion that urban dreams might include some of the countryside -- one section of the book perhaps? You may have begun without realizing it.

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Andreas   (2009-05-05)

Yes, it would be a cheat, but quite an effective way to set the start. I guess that's what many will do and it stretches the rules only a bit 🙂

Anyway. The real answer to the urban/rural dilemma is two posts ahead. It's only that I have not written them yet 🙂

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