1008 - Morning Glory

It’s already Sunday and I’m so much behind. Sorry for that, I ran pretty out of time. That’s for quiet weekends 🙂

This image was taken Friday morning on my way to work. I actually thought all the time I would take another image, one of the current mirror series, but when it turned out worse than expected, I instead found that I really like this one for a certain quietude in it and for its composition in general.

The Song of the Day is “Morning Glory” from the 1967 Blood, Sweat & Tears debut album “Child Is Father to the Man”. Hear it on Deezer.

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Glen Goffin   (2009-07-19)

Yes, I agree ... a certain peacefulness and tranquility. A quiet street on a sunny day. I also enjoy the paint-stroke like quality it has. Reminds me of Norman Rockwell. Peace

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Andreas   (2009-07-20)

Well, these painting effects are nice and they work well to cover up all sorts of problems in your images 🙂 🙂

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Anita Jesse   (2009-07-25)

In my mind, there is a cafe across the street and I can sit there for some time, drinking in the scene. I may be there quite a while.

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