1373 – Hanging Around II

Having totally given up makes things so much easier πŸ™‚

This is another image from Italy. It’s not Liguria but neighboring Toscana. It’s been taken in the small village of Colonnata, situated in the mountains above Carrara. See “1350 - The Marvel Of Marble” for some more images. I really like that image and I guess it will end up in the book.

As to having given up, well, this does not make me stop processing images from Italy. Not at all. I still work on them, every day I add some, some will go into the book, some will not, and what really happens is, that it occupies me, keeps me from photographing. I can’t help it, the way I currently work, I am much faster at photographing than I can ever process the images. Thus, at the moment I have also given up upon my goal of publishing photos taken at the same day. This is not permanent, I’ll return to the previous rΓ©gime, but unfortunately my day has only 24 hours, some of them I like to sleep and some I have to work. Hope you understand πŸ™‚

This is the post for Sunday, and I had another reason for not taking any pictures: Sunday we had rain. Oh dear, how I enjoyed the drop in temperatures by almost 20 degrees Celsius! Today, Monday, it was still relatively cool, but by Thursday we’re supposed to be back at up to 36 degrees Celsius again.

The Song of the Day is the Stranglers classic “Hanging Around”, interpreted by Hazel O’Connor on her 1980 album “Cover Plus”. Hear it on YouTube.

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April   (2010-07-26)

Even as I'm on the outside looking up, I have the feeling of being on the inside looking out the window(s) and down. Fun!

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