1378 - You Gotta Move

I’m still on the train, it’s still late Friday afternoon, I have just crossed the border to Carinthia. It’s raining, but towards Villach the sky is already blue again. Still, we seem to get some cooler weather now. In a way it’s welcome, but then, I love summer and I know I will hate seeing it end 🙂

Wow, it’s beautiful outside. You know how that looks, with dark clouds above you and the sun almost coming out near the horizon, with a very bright fringe on the clouds and a warm, indirect light coming from the west. Tolkienesque 🙂

This is really a snapshot. I saw the biker coming from the corner of my eye, I raised the camera, all within a split-second, no time to compose, no time to change any settings, but actually I like the result, or let’s say, for a Friday it’s OK.

The Song of the Day is “You Gotta Move” from the 1971 Rolling Stones album “Sticky Fingers”. Hear it on YouTube.

Oh, and the light is totally unreal outside. No chance to take images though 😄

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Flo   (2010-07-24)

When you board the train, do you always try to find a seat on the shaded side of the train? The light is always perfect, it seems.

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andreas   (2010-07-24)

Well, my first concern is always to find a place with a table and electricity. Then I pull down the shades and normally this is quite OK. My laptop has a pretty bright display with excellent contrast, that helps as well.

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