1589 - Get Out Of Town

Villach is a small town. With its population of roughly 60.000 it is just big enough to have one or two shops that stock most of what I might want to buy on a Saturday afternoon. Yesterday it was a 4GB 2x2 DDR2 memory kit. Sure, you can order everything on the Internet, but in order to be able to buy it on a whim, that needs a town of a certain size, especially when it is, as in my case, last-generation gear.

I had four 1 GB modules before, now I have 2x2 plus 2x1, and 6 GB vs 4 GB definitely make a difference. I am not sure if I want 8 GB, I certainly don’t need them at the moment.

Anyway. Villach is not only just big enough, it is also still small enough if you want to get out of town and make some images. Take for instance this church. By car it’s about five minutes from the center, situated on a small hill, just high enough that you can duck and make the roofs of the buildings go below the horizon. Obviously I was not the only person who found this to be a good place to be on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

The Song of the Day is Cole Porter’s “Get Out Of Town”, interpreted by Ella Fitzgerald in her Songbook series. YouTube has it.