1595 - Frozen

When we returned from Slovenia yesterday, we took the mountain road via Passo di Predil back to Tarvisio. When we passed the small mountain lake Lago del Predil, it was already dark, but I recognized the ice on the lake.

Today I figured out what would be a good time to return, decided for 1 pm, and here’s the result.

This is one of the about 20 bracketed series that I took, the only one that I have processed so far. It’s a manual blend of three exposures, spiced up with three different versions from Topaz Adjust and plenty of other layers.

The Song of the Day is “Frozen” from Madonna’s 1998 “Ray Of Light” album. See a video on YouTube. That’s a line I’ve always loved: “You’re frozen when your heart’s not open”. True 🙂

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Cedric   (2011-02-27)

Beautiful image Andreas, there's an ethereal quality about it which has me entranced.

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andreas   (2011-02-27)

Thanks. The interesting thing is, that I could have gone in so many different directions. Color temperature, how much color, how harsh the contrasts, and so on. The semi-HDR process gives you material that is almost devoid of color, and two of the Topaz Adjust presets that I used, "Spicify" and "Exposure Color Stretch", greatly amplify colors, driving colors apart in a radical way, almost inventing them from subtle shades. Now it's up to you how much you use of what. This particular mix is color-heavy, going for a steelish/rusty look, but Topaz' preset "Dramatic" (pale, emphasis on contrast) looked good as well. The only thing that I definitely wouldn't recommend in this situation is looking for "truth". There is no truth in dealing with the sun in your frame 🙂

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Ken Bello   (2011-02-27)

Very cool, Andreas. Very, very cool!

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