1596 - Frozen II

I probably would have had some images for today, and for sure at least one would have been better than that of last Friday, but somehow these images of yesterday keep me occupied. By now I have four of them processed and here is number two. The others will follow soon.

A cooler interpretation, the yellows shifted more towards green, but as I say so often, you really wouldn’t want to see what the camera saw, believe me 😄

The Song of the Day is still “Frozen” from Madonna’s 1998 “Ray Of Light” album. Even the video on YouTube is the same 🙂

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Earl   (2011-03-01)

Andreas, I don't know it matters for me what the camera saw...it's more about what you "saw" and what you care to show us from your vision. This is really striking and beautiful -- I just keep staring at it. I look forward to the others.

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andreas   (2011-03-01)

Thanks. As far as photographing went today, you may well see the next one tonight 🙂

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