1609 - Waters Of March II

Well, I probably should rather go out and make some good images, than find excuses for publishing bad ones, but it’s one of those days, you know? 🙂

This image on the left is the second best of yesterday’s series, I’ve put it up for illustration only and not for its merits.

The image of the Day is from our recent trip to Friuli, Italy. It did not fit into the series published in “1594 - We Came Along This Road”, so I saved it for a poor day. Well, today is a poor day 😛

The Song of the Day is again the Antonio Carlos Jobim composition “Waters Of March” as in “1601 - Waters Of March”, but today it’s not Holly Cole we hear, today it is Cassandra Wilson on her 2002 album “Belly Of The Sun”. Hear it on YouTube.