1911 - Really The Blues

What happened? Well, sometime on Tuesday I found out that my blog had radically changed. The last entry was from September 11. Pretty ironic, huh?

122 blog entries made since then were gone.

The funny thing is, at first I didn’t even notice. I got a comment on an old post and tried to find out why. After all, since SPAM has increased so much lately, I have change my blog settings to automatically close commenting on posts older than a week. But here it was, a comment on a post made in early September.

In the WordPress dashboard I was notified of a new WordPress version and a few updated plugins as well. Funny. I had really thought I was already on 3.3.1, but then, upgrading WordPress is only a click these days, so I could have been wrong. I did the upgrade, and when I called up the blog to inspect the upgraded theme, I suddenly realized the whole mess. JustHost seemed to have restored an old backup!

This is one of those Oh Expletive moments, and it really didn’t help that I had no current backup myself 🙂

Story to be continued - Image made with my Lensbaby 2.0 - Hear the Song of the Day, “Really The Blues” by Sidney Bechet, on YouTube.