1947 - The Lair Of The Green Monster

At the moment it feels like half of the escalators in Vienna are out or order. That’s inconvenient, but it always offers uncommon views.

Like this one. What happened to the repair man? Why is only his glove left? Or am I wrong? Is this really the hand that’s left? Has he been swallowed by the green monster that lives below the escalator?

So many questions, but at least the Song of the Day is beyond doubt: “Monsters In Disguise” from Hazel O’Connor’s soundtrack to the 1980 movie “Breaking Glass”. Hear it on YouTube.

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Roland   (2012-02-16)

Ja, da ist sie mal wieder, die Manessingersche Schräglage - hier für mich perfekt das Drama des Grüns mit der suggestiven Kraft des Handschuhs verbindend! Stark! cheers ®

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andreas   (2012-02-16)

Schräg? Ja, tatsächlich 🙂 Interessant, dass Dir das überhaupt auffällt. Für mich ist das irgendwie normal. War aber schon mal extremer 😄

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