2052 - Untold Stories II

By chance I found three Lightroom “HDR presets” on Matt Kloskowski’s site.

I just had to try them, and looking for an image I found these two, taken in mid-November. Actually I didn’t like the strong vignetting of the original presets at all, but they were a start, and with some experimenting I arrived at what you see.

The result looks pretty natural to me, pleasing and without the oversaturated look that you see so often. I can remember having tried to work on one of those images the day I took them, but then I came to no conclusion and instead took another image.

“Untold Stories” is from Sinead O’Connor’s 2005 album “Throw Down Your Arms”. Hear it on YouTube.

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John - Visual Notebook   (2012-05-31)

Was the smaller image below the main one the result of applying a preset? It's a very nice shot with the sun's disk showing through the clouds...

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andreas   (2012-05-31)

The upper image is the result of a strongly modified preset, the other had simply copied its development settings from the first.

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