2092 - The Red Box

No images today. And not only that I didn’t make images in the morning, now, in the evening, it is also raining.

The image was taken on March 3 in Italy. Yesterday we talked about uniformity. Well, some places are different and in some parts of Italy the mail boxes are not even boxes 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Moving” from the 1990 Redbox album “Motive”. Hear it on YouTube.

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Flo (tonebytone)   (2012-07-11)

So that is a box for letters - perhaps there's a real box-like structure on the other side? I like the idea that the letter box is built into the building's wall, instead of something separate that hangs on the wall, or on a post out at the street, that anyone can get into, as we have in the USA. I like that we can peek beyond the gate - must be the entrance to the home or office building?

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andreas   (2012-07-11)

I think that's a public mail box, something you can use to send a letter. See the lock? It's on the outside. As to the building, I don't know what it is. Given that its garden wall is used for public infrastructure, it is probably some public office building. I really don't know.

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