2183 - I've Just Seen A Face

This image was inspired by one of Bengt Carlsson’s recent images. It turned out very different, nevertheless Bengt’s image was what I immediately thought of when I saw this torn advertising poster.

Although this is the post for Tuesday, the image was actually taken on Monday. I did make some images on Tuesday, but none of them turned out particularly well.

I am not very productive at the moment. It’s the same thing as always, I’ve got a new lens and I have to adjust to the new way of seeing. The angle of a 12 mm lens (24 mm effectively) is not at all new to me, I have regularly used it on the LX5, but since the 45/1.8 has been by far my most used lens lately, I’ll need a few days to adapt. Bear with me please 🙂

The Song of the Day is a wonderful version of “I’ve Just Seen A Face”, taken from Holly Cole’s 1997 album “Dark Dear Heart”. Hear it on YouTube.

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