2225 - Saint Stephen

I’m in Carinthia again. It’s already late Wednesday night or rather early Thursday morning, and again I’m trying to catch up with this week’s images taken in Vienna.

On Monday I took an hour off at noon and met with the buyer of my Panasonic 14/2.5. We met at the heart of Vienna, Stephansplatz or Saint Stephen’s square, and already being there, I decided to go into the church and try to snap some pictures.

Saint Stephen’s is Austria’s most famous church, probably our biggest, and it is located at the very center of Vienna. It is the one church that every tourist is guaranteed to visit, and that’s exactly the problem. Fortunately there were services and the whole front of the church was reserved to those relatively few attending mass.

I didn’t really have time, thus all these images were taken within five minutes. I used the 75/1.8, holding the camera high above my head, using the tilted back LCD and firing at 1/50s, and for the wide-angle shots I used the 12/2.0, unfortunately due to stupidity also at 1/50s. Doh!

In the end I had five minutes of contemplation, and when you look at the images, you wouldn’t guess that I was part of a crowd.

Actually this was the first time that I used these two lenses in a church. I guess that even though I currently have no ultra-wide lens, I would have no qualms using this kit on vacations.

The Song of the Day is “Saint Stephen” by The Grateful Dead. Hear it on YouTube.