2230 - Endless Cycle

Like all past weekends I’ve been in Styria again, and like all past weekends I have made images there and failed to post them 🙂

I’m going to make up for it now, while sitting on the train back to Vienna. This time I’ll stay till Friday again.

The Image of Saturday is a bunch of dead leaves on a grate. They are the stuff next Spring’s greens are made of, and that’s how the endless cycle goes.

In his song from the 1989 album “New York”, Lou Reed speaks of another cycle though. Hear it on YouTube.

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Eric Jeschke   (2012-11-25)

I like this one, Andreas. The little bit of green adds a special touch to an already good image. Bet that would be a nice print on a wall.

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andreas   (2012-11-25)

Thanks. I wish I had walls to hang prints on 😄 😄 😄

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