2267 - Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere?

When I finally got out today, it was almost too late to go anywhere. Thus I decided to try my luck with frost at the edge of a meek forest a few hundred meters away.

It is almost midnight, people have been burning fireworks for hours and there is no end in sight (Crisis? What crisis?) and I am happy to be done with blogging for today. Let me just wish you a happy New Year, health and peace, freedom and democracy.

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The Song of the Day is “Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere?” from Nick Cave’s 1997 album “The Boatman’s Call”. Hear it on YouTube.

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Thomas   (2013-01-01)

Without any further ado: have a great 2013, Andreas! See you around... PS.: Fireworks? Yeah, but we only do it for the kids... ;-)

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andreas   (2013-01-01)

Thanks, same to you! And ... kids? For all the fear of apocalypse people must have behaved like rabbits: I've never seen so many rockets like this year. Never ever!

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Juha Haataja   (2013-01-01)

Happy New Year to you also - "health and peace, freedom and democracy", valuable things indeed, too often taken granted. I like the frosty photographs, sun low, a feeling of waiting for a change...

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