2317 - Down Here Below

OK, I knew it, here we are, back to Saturday’s images. Today was a debugging nightmare, and although I came out of it victorious, I am completely spent. I made a few images on my way from work to the train, but frankly I am too tired to even import them into Lightroom 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Down Here Below” from Steve Earle’s 2007 album “Washington Square Serenade”. Bill Birtch once brought me to Earle’s music, thanks once again for that, Bill.

Hear the song on YouTube.

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Bill Birtch   (2013-02-21)

Always happy to introduce people to new music. As an aside, it turns out that the 'Pale Male' , in the song is, or rather was, an actual red-tail hawk which lived near Central Park, NYC. I say was, because it made the news last summer when it was found dead. Nice pic. Another example of your ability to find images where most, myself specifically, would just pass them by.

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andreas   (2013-02-21)

Hehe, you just have to think (or actually try to see) out of the box with such a wide lens. Using it like any other lens is a sure recipe for boring pictures 😄

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