2439 - Corso Delle Gondole II

Sorry for that, but I just had to bother you once again with Venetian gondole.

They are everywhere and, yes, it’s kitsch, but sometimes kitsch is OK. At least it’s very original kitsch 😄

When I began processing these images, I asked myself, what will I take images of when I am the next time in Venice? Still gondole? Won’t I get tired of them? Won’t you?

But then it occurred to me that I have taken images of cars and bicycles for years. Few have complained, some seem to like it and I did certainly not grow tired of them. As with everything, there’s certainly more than one way to photograph a gondola.

One more time the Song of the Day is “Corso Delle Gondole” from the 1987 Rondò Veneziano album “Misteriosa Venezia”. Hear it on YouTube.